Christian Fundraising Consultancy, formerly known as McConkey Johnston international UK, offers cutting-edge insights, ‘hands-on’ fundraising and marketing insights and training to Christian charities in the UK and Europe.

Using our free fundraising resources, our online training and consulting offers you can create robust fundraising plans, launch innovative fundraising campaigns, build stronger relationships with your supporters and raise more money for your work.

Who is behind Christian Fundraising Consultancy?

This is a service provided by Redina Kolaneci and a network of consultants, marketers, data analysts and graphic designers with decades of ‘hands-on’ experience in the charity sector. You can count on Redina and her team for the highest levels of integrity, quality and service – the values that drive all that we do.

RedinaKRedina Kolaneci
As an international consultant, fundraising trainer and researcher Redina has helped hundreds of Christian fundraisers, marketers and church leaders in the UK, Europe and Australia to sharpen their fundraising skills and to multiply their income.

She is the author of ‘Why Christians Give: Understanding the hearts and minds of the 21st century evangelical donors’ and of numerous articles and blog posts on effective fundraising and communications.

Redina is passionate about equipping Christian charities and churches to build lasting partnerships with their supporters and to develop fundraising strategies that combine best practices and knowledge derived from biblical principles and sound research.

Working with Redina and her team will help you

  • Get excited about fundraising as a way to connect God’s people to His causes;
  • Create innovative fundraising and marketing campaigns;
  • Connect with supporters in fresh ways and inspire them to become your ministry’s long term partners;
  • Increase outcomes by creating clear, specific measurable objectives;
  • Tell your ministry’s stories in ways that will make audiences listen and respond;
  • Do more of what’s working and stop doing what’s not working anymore;
  • Raise more support for your cause and engage with new audiences online and offline;

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