Why do donors stop giving?

10th May 2021

A while ago, I created a simple survey for a Christian charity client to use with donors who had stopped giving.

Over a three weeks’ period, the client called 270 donors (whose last gift was 14 – 24 months ago) and asked them why they had stopped giving.

Here is the breakdown of the responses they got: 

  • 5% could not remember they had given to the charity
  • 8% said they were not thanked for their gift
  • 12% thought the charity did not need them
  • 16% felt God leading them to support other causes
  • 21% lost interest due to poor communications
  • 38% said their circumstances had changed and they could no longer afford to give

The key thing we learnt from this survey is that people stop giving for their reasons, not ours.

If you don’t know why donors are leaving your charity you can’t reverse the trend.

So, the question is: Do you know why donors have stopped giving to your cause?

But, if you don’t, get on the phone and ask them.

I suggest you make this exercise part of your supporter relations activities.

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