What questions are major donors asking before making a significant gift to a charity?

17th June 2019

Recently I did some in-depth interviews with a small group of major donors who give generously to various charitable causes.

One of the questions I asked them was to list the questions that come to their mind before they decide to make a significant donation.

Here are is a list of them not in any particular order:

1. How well do I know the person who is doing the asking? 
2. Do I respect them? Do I trust them? 
3. Does the charity have a good track record of success in addressing specific issues? 
4. Is the charity well managed? 
5. Is the charity financially stable? 
6. Will my gift be lost in a huge pool? 
7. What project/programme will my gift be used for and what kind of feedback am I going to receive? 
8. How much do I care about this cause? How much sympathy do I feel?
9. What would my partner (husband/ wife) think about this gift? Would they agree with me? Do they have cause to disagree? 
10. If I make a large gift now will they ask me again in a few months? I really want to know what happens next.

If you are a major donor fundraiser or are thinking about starting a major donor programme in your charity reflect on these questions and be ready to incorporate the answers in your future conversations with major donors.