What can you do with your charity’s ‘inbetweeners’?

1st May 2015

This blog post is not about the TV series by the way. In the context of this discussion – ‘inbetweeners’ are two types of charity donors:

Those who have not ‘stopped giving’ yet, but might have lost touch with your cause. They might have given sometime during the last 18 – 24 months but have not given since. So, renewing their interest in your work is likely to be difficult and expensive. They are the people you mail regularly with your appeals or newsletters but who don’t respond.

Another ‘inbetweeners’ group is the donors who appear to be ‘Idle’ at the moment. ‘Idles’ have probably responded to an appeal in the last 12 months; they are probably still excited by your cause and with some targeted efforts they can be inspired to give again, if you are prepared to act swiftly through your donor renewal programme.

The typical ‘Inbetweener’ doesn’t feel any closeness to the charity and they might even feel unappreciated. S/he doesn’t feel involved, or well acquainted with the charity’s recent activities or current successes.

That’s why when they are solicited by another charity with an inspiring story or see another compelling cause—they are likely to respond to it. But at the initial stages of this process the ‘Inbetweener’ is still a good prospect for reactivation.

You can begin to re-engage them in your work by telling them how much you have missed their past support and by emphasising the good they will achieve and the satisfaction they will experience by making a gift to your charity right now.