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I am Redina Kolaneci and I am the founder of Christian Fundraising Consultancy. Since 2003, through training, research and consulting I have helped hundreds of fundraisers and marketers in Christian charities across the UK, Europe and Australia to launch successful fundraising campaigns and to reach their funding goals.

I enjoy working with sole fundraisers or members of large teams, helping them to develop specific marketing and fundraising goals and choose the right strategies systems and media channels to accomplish them. But, one of the best things I do is making some great insights available for free through my blog on this site.

If you are new to fundraising

Whether you are a CEO of a small Christian charity, a sole fundraiser, a volunteer or a Board member you have come to the right place for learning key principles for effective fundraising.

  • Discover what the Bible has to say about fundraising and what motivates Christians to give. – Is fundraising part of God’s plan?
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If you are an experienced fundraiser

If you are an experienced fundraiser looking for some inspiration to raise your game you have come to the right place.

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