FREE Webinar: How to raise more money with your Christmas appeal

DATE: 20 September 2016
TIME: 10:00 am - 11:00 am (GMT + 1)
TRAINER: Redina Kolaneci

Are you getting ready to send out your Christmas appeal? Do you need some help and ideas on how to make it more effective? A lot of charities raise up to 30% of their annual direct mail income in November and December. And, you can’t afford to do a poor job in engaging with your supporters at this important time of the year. 

But, how can you make sure that your Christmas appeal stands out from the crowd? What simple, but effective actions can you take to ensure that you raise more money this December that you did last year?

Join Redina Kolaneci in this webinar to discover some effective principles and practical steps you can take to sharpen up your ask and to truly wow your supporters this Christmas.

Key topics covered: 

  • Key ingredients of an effective Christmas appeal;
  • Our ‘secret’ formula for robust fundraising propositions that can inspire more people to give;
  • Steps for finding the best story you can tell in your appeal and how to tell that story from different perspectives;
  • Eight things you should NOT do if you want your fundraising appeal to succeed;
  • How to adapt your Christmas appeal for use in emails, social media channels, in fun and interactive ways this December;
  • Examples of amazing Christmas appeals to inspire you and a step-by-step worksheet for telling a powerful story.

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