‘We have run various reports of the Fundraising Fitness Test on our database over the last five years and have used the insights to guide our appeals segmentation and new donor acquisition activities.

I would definitely recommend these reports to any Christian charity that wants to know how their supporters give and encourage them to stay involved for the long run.’

Peter Lindop, Derek Prince Ministries UK

‘Thank you for reviewing our direct mail programme and appeals. We are already trying out things we have learnt from your feedback – to be more person focused and use emotional language.

Thank you also for your help with the Christmas appeal – we have hit all our targets which is definitely a win in the current climate.’

Ben Carter, Livability

‘ You have helped us so much already. I love Redina Kolaneci’s ability to understand complex issues and express them in easy to understand terms. You have a wonderful “hands on” approach, helping to get things done rather than just telling us what to do.’

Nigel Hyde, Mission Direct

‘ You have made a major contribution to Food for the Hungry UK at a reasonable cost and great effort on your part.’

Paul Cornelius, Food for the Hungry, UK

‘Running a basic Fundraising Fitness Test helped us to really come to grips with how our members gave over time and there were some surprises. We acted on the insights by developing more focused fundraising asks and got some good results.’

Trudy Adjrah, Evangelical Alliance UK