Supporter care lessons from Melania: The pitfalls of outsourced ‘thank you’ notes

23rd January 2021

As this CNN article reveals Melania asked a lower-level East Wing staffer with writing the thank you notes to 80+ White House staff who had served her and her family.

She asked them to write them in “in her voice,” and she signed her name.

Does this behaviour sound familiar? You know, you might have more in common with Melania than you think?

Who writes your thank you letters or notes to major donors on your behalf? Are they personalised or just generic?

When was the last time you wrote a personal note of appreciation to a major donor or a key partner?

The kind of note or letter that they will keep and cherish.

You might think your thank you letters/ notes/ emails to those who give sacrificially and who care deeply about your work are really good.

But, if you are not doing them yourself they might be just like Melania’s – lacking personalization, unauthentic, disappointing, and damaging your relationship with these donors in the long term.