Key steps for launching a successful capital campaign: Gather a team

11th July 2017

In a series of blogs in the next few weeks I will be outlining the key steps you need to undertake if your church or charity is planning to launch a capital campaign

Step One: Gather a Campaign Team

A capital campaign cannot succeed with one or two people calling all the shots. Launching and running an effective capital campaign is a team initiative that requires the support and commitment of several people.

Generally, a campaign team should include the most well-connected individuals in your church and community. Their continued participation in the campaign is essential to the fundraising process.

Depending on the size of your campaign team and the scope of your capital campaign, you may need to break up your team into various sub-groups who can handle smaller or more detailed projects.

Finally, you may need the help of additional people that aren’t included on your team. These individuals can come from within the church or can be contracted externally because of their specialist gifts or skills.

In general, you should look to the following individuals for additional help during the planning process of your capital campaign:

• Fundraising consultant / Major gifts advisor
• Trust giving researchers / Proposal writers
• Volunteer coordinator / Sponsored events planner
• Administrative support staff

Once you have a team in place – get ready for the second step of the campaign process: conducting a feasibility study.