Stop Worrying and Remember God’s Provision

9th July 2020

How do you feel today?

Are you worried about the current crisis, even panicking about meeting the fundraising objectives for the next quarter?

Let me encourage you today by helping you to remember what happened during the last crisis you experienced.

Cast your mind back in time and remember how did God solve it?

How did He provide in subtle and not so subtle ways through His people whose hearts are invested in what you do?

You know, sometimes we fundraisers can be like the Israelites of the Old Testament. Like them, we see God’s hand at work in what we do during the good times.

But, when crises strike we tend to forget that God is in control so we panic, complain, and worry.

So, if you have a Bible nearby or a Bible app on your phone just turn to Joshua 4 and read it now.

There is a message in Joshua 4 that might find heart-lifting.

See how Joshua instructed the 12 men to take twelve stones from the path God opened for them to cross the Jordan.

When the got on the other side of the Jordan they arranged these stones into a monument of remembrance at Gilgal.

This monument was to be a reminder of God’s love, of His miraculous provision, and care for His people.

My dear fundraiser friend, you and I need a Gilgal in our lives.

When the going gets tough we remember that God is the One who provides.

God is the one who comes through even in the midst of the pandemic.

So, take some time this weekend to head to your Gilgal with a notebook and a pen.

Write down all the occasions you have seen God provide funds, volunteers, workers, ministry breakthroughs in the past.

Put this list in your work station and when you are feeling down look at it and say ‘I remember how God provided for our cause and He will do it again.’ 

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