Does your charity need a logo makeover?

5th June 2015

by Redina Kolaneci

In recent years, many charities have gone through various logo changes and brand revitalisation processes. Some have done so successfully and others have not.

Some members of your team might be talking about a logo makeover but you are not sure whether this is the right time. The question is: ‘why change the logo, and even more importantly, when is the right time for a logo makeover?’

Below I have listed four top reasons that should prompt a charity to consider a logo makeover. Please feel free to email me with any other reasons you might have identified also.

1. If your charity’s logo or name doesn’t reflect the heart of what you do today you need a new logo.

Sometimes, especially in the current financial climate, charities are merging to create a new, larger charity with a wider scope of services. In these cases, a new logo and a new brand are key for securing donor loyalty from supporters of both charities.

Another occasion when a charity might need a logo makeover is when the charity has expanded its programmes, or has cut back from what it did when the current logo and brand messages were designed. If this is the case, your charity needs a logo makeover because you are not offering accurate information to supporters about who you are, what you do and where you serve.

2. If your charity wants to engage with new generations of donors you need a new logo.

Charities with ambitious plans for engaging with new supporters who are likely to be technology and social media savvy might wish to consider changing the logo and revitalising their brand.

For example, if your charity’s logo contains widely recognised Christian images like a cross, a dove, an open Bible or an image of the globe and taglines like: ‘Reaching the world with the gospel,’ ‘Transforming the lives of the poor,’ etc, you should be thinking about a logo makeover before launching new fundraising campaigns that aim to get the attention of new audiences.

That’s because the visual and word elements of your logo might be too general, vague or old-fashioned to attract a young person’s attention or, to tap into their passions for impacting lives through your charity.

3. If your logo was designed by a committee or an amateur you need a new logo.

Many charities, especially small and new ones, don’t put enough thought and money into the development of their logo and brand messages. Therefore, they tend to miss out on receiving the recognition their work deserves or on being seen as valued and trusted charities by potential donors.

So, if you are working in a charity where the current logo was designed by a  committee or an inexperience designer you should consider a logo makeover.

The main purpose of your logo is to send a clear and powerful message to your donors about your mission and key areas of your work. Your logo is not just a pretty or trivial symbol. It is your charity’s trademark – so make sure that your charity’s logo is strong and strategic as it can be.

4. If your charity has gone through recent major organisational changes you need a new logo.

Often charities and their programmes or initiatives evolve at their own pace through the years. And, not every change needs to be reflected in the creation of a new logo.

However, here are some questions to consider for choosing the right moment to do a logo or a brand makeover:

  • Has the range of your charity’s services and activities expanded overtime yet your charity logo was created some 15 years ago?
  • Has your charity decided to engage in more meaningful ways with new supporters who are technology and marketing savvy?
  • Is your charity intending to set up offices in countries seeking to gain financial support from new, international constituencies?
  • Has your charity got a new leadership team, and would it like to reflect a new, fresh image with a new logo?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to two or more of these questions it is likely that your charity needs a logo makeover.

If you need help with creating a new logo or rebranding please get in touch with us.

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