Research Insights: Did you know that UK donors give £28,000 during their lifetime? 

15th February 2018

Some new research commissioned by Hyundai UK and Stand Up To Cancer, which is part of Cancer Research UK, shows that on average adults in the UK give £28,000 to charity in their lifetime.

This study polled 2,800 adults – 100 adult respondents in 28 cities across the UK.

Here are the key findings that can have some implications to the ways your charity fundraises today and in future.

1. The largest share of the £28,000 lifetime donations are given by Direct Debits, £16,000 in total.

2. An adult in the UK is likely to donate £23.04 a month to a charity via Direct Debits.

3. Another £8,000 from the £28,000 is donated to charity shops and more than £1,000 is given via collection boxes.

4. Over 1% of the population is likely to donate more than £300 a month via Direct Debits, meaning they are likely to donate more than £200,000 in their lifetime.

5. Currently the average UK salary is £27,600 which means that the average British person will donate more than a year’s salary to a charitable cause during their life.

6. 25% of the total income donated by the respondents is being generated by contactless donations. And a further 10% said that they would donate more to charity if the charity accepted contactless payments.

It seems to me that there are at least three important takeaways from this study:

1. Show gratitude to your charity’s donors and be encouraged by the fact that there generous people out there who would love to support a good cause.

2. Is giving by Direct Debit an integral part of giving to your charity? – If not do something about it as soon as you can.

3. Have you thought about offering a contactless payment giving choice at events, in churches where you present your cause or to small groups? – It might be something worth thinking about and promoting.