How to stop donors from leaving?

10th May 2021

Once you have read ‘Why do Donors Stop Giving?‘ continue to read this post that can give you some insights on how to stop donors from leaving your charity.

Discover why donors stop giving to your charity?

So, if you don’t know why donors are leaving your charity you can’t reverse that trend.

Do you know why donors stop giving to your cause?

If you don’t, get on the phone and ask them. Make this exercise part of your supporter relations activities. 

Thank donors well – because this matters!

We dug a bit deeper into the records of donors who said ‘they stopped giving because they were not thanked.’

We discovered that most of them were thanked for their gift but they could not remember.

And, others had ticked the box in the response forms stating they did not want to be thanked. But in reality, they thought the charity had forgotten to thank them.

As a fundraiser, you know that thanking donors matters.

But, are your thank you’s so dull, so forgettable or so late that some donor’s might think you haven’t thanked them?

Some lapsed donors told us that they were put off by the requests for larger amounts than what they could afford, so they stopped giving altogether. 

And, what about those donors who say they don’t want to be thanked but in reality, they do. How to show gratitude to them?

Be less pedantic with your money handles

Since then we have adapted our money handles in our appeals and emails for lapsed and nearly lapsed donors asking them to give whatever they can. 

And, we always highlight in the copy that ‘every gift no matter how small makes a difference to someone’s life.’  

You got to be on your guard against inertia.

Inertia is our biggest, invisible enemy in fundraising. Some lapsed donors could not recall any of the charity’s latest stories or projects.

Without delving into too much detail the challenge for us is clear: how do we keep our cause fresh in the donor’s eyes?

In many ways, they hinted at the fact that there was a disconnect between them and the charity. 

What can you do to keep donor’s hearts engaged and nourish their faith too through your stories, your projects, and your beneficiaries?

Design different journeys

Retirement, moving to a care home, loss of employment, evaluating giving priorities, etc were the top reasons why donors had stopped giving.

We were glad we asked these donors and added a note on their records. But, we are sending them a newsletter and an appeal once a year and some emails too. 

We think some of them are legacy-giving prospects so we want to keep them involved but not ask them for cash donations. 

Like my client, you too probably have many lapsed one-off donors. And, regular donors fall into this category, so where do you draw the line with those whose circumstances have changed?

I would encourage you to regularly survey your lapsed donors and use the information they provide to design some special supporter journeys for them. 

Re-engaging lapsed donors can pay great dividends for your cause now and in the future…