How to get church leaders to give more to your charity’s mission

19th May 2021

A few years ago I run nine focus groups with church leaders up and down the country (mainland England) on behalf of a Christian charity client.

They wanted to find out what church leaders thought of the charity’s communications. And, what would motivate them and their congregations to increase their involvement in the charity’s mission.

While I was tidying up my folders last weekend I came across the report I wrote for my client and thought you might be interested in the church leader’s answers to the question:

What are you looking for from a Christian charity that is asking you/ church for financial support?

Here are the aggregate responses to this question from 54 church leaders of various denominations who participated in my focus groups:

  • Tailored communications that make them feel appreciated and valued for their gift.
  • Some recognition from the charity of the fact that the church has supported this charity for a long time.
  • More clarity on how the money will be spent and specific stories, videos, photos of the difference it has made.
  • Resources and prayer materials that inspire the congregation not just inform or educate them on particular mission issues.
  • A chance to get to know and build relationships with some of the pastors and churches that are being helped by the charity.
  • Conversations and special events where the charity asks the church leaders’ opinion on their involvement and makes them feel listened to.
  • A chance to visit a project site to help convince them why their church should support this work financially.

You can use these insights to shape your strategy and communications to increase giving and engagement from local churches.