Strategic Reviews

Gear Up for Fundraising Success with Our Strategic Review


How is your fundraising doing? Where are you getting it right? What isn’t working? Are your key messages hitting the mark? Are you ready to respond to some seismic changes in fundraising?

Our strategic review can help you answers these vital questions. It will enable you to create a robust fundraising plan with measurable outcomes.

Working together we will:

  • Evaluate how your charity’s vision and case for support are communicated to different audiences;
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of your fundraising plans and activities;
  • Review the effectiveness of your fundraising appeals, newsletters, brochures, e-mail and social media campaigns, thank you letters;
  • Evaluate decision-making systems including data entry procedures, source codes, fundraising reports, segmentation, etc;
  • Map out the current skills and responsibilities of fundraising staff and suggest better team structures;
  • Do a competitor analysis and assess potential opportunities to engage with new audiences via new media channels and technologies.

The timeframe for the review is generally 30 – 60 days, depending on the scope of the review, your budget and the unique funding challenges your charity is facing.

Why Choose Us

We’re biased, but we think there are lots of good reasons to work with us:

  • Kinship: We share your values and your passion for effective ministry and service because we are Christians too. And, we understand the motivations and attitudes of Christian donors you are engaging with.
  • Value: Our services are not driven by profit. We know that charities sometimes pay a hefty price for doing important things on the cheap or by paying too much. That’s why we price our services fairly and focus on providing value for money.
  • ROI: Our clients see tangible results within weeks or months of working with us. To find out for yourself what they say about us visit our Clients page.
  • Training & Support: We provide lots of training and support to your staff via phone, email, skype or in person. Click here to learn more about our fundraising training offers.