Church Giving

Raising Funds and Prayer Support from Local Churches


Thousands of local churches across the UK give generously every year to support Christian charities, mission workers and local Christian projects. What’s more, every Sunday people gathered in these churches are willing to hear what God is doing locally and around the world through Christian charities.

Are your charity’s stories being shared in creative ways in local churches or at mid-week meetings of church groups? Are you satisfied with the current levels of financial support your charity is receiving from local churches? Do you want to grow your church giving in the future?

We are here to ensure you do just that. Having helped various Christian charities to launch successful church fundraising strategies and campaigns we know what works well and what doesn’t. Now, you can benefit from our wealth of insights and creative ideas and significantly grow church giving for your ministry.

What We Offer

  • Provide a biblical framework for building effective relationships with local churches and church groups;
  • Evaluate church giving trends to your charity, your mix of messages to churches to identify what is working and what needs to change;
  • Create compelling fundraising propositions for churches based on our research of the motivations and attitudes of churches towards Christian charities;
  • Set up and launch effective church giving programmes to increase giving to your cause;
  • Prepare creative resources for fundraising from churches including: Harvest Packs, Fundraising Resources for Lent, Church Giving Campaigns, videos, thank you resources and much more;
  • Set up effective management systems for fundraising from churches, cultivating relationships and measuring ROIs;
  • Train and resource your church volunteers and fundraisers who are working on the ground to recruit new supporters from churches, and to get more churches on board with your ministry.

Why Choose Us

We’re biased, but we think there are lots of good reasons to work with us:

  • Kinship: We share your values and your passion for effective ministry and service because we are Christians too. And, we understand the motivations and attitudes of Christian donors you are engaging with.
  • Value: Our services are not driven by profit. We know that charities sometimes pay a hefty price for doing important things on the cheap or by paying too much. That’s why we price our services fairly and focus on providing value for money.
  • ROI: Our clients see tangible results within weeks or months of working with us. To find out for yourself what they say about us visit our Clients page.
  • Training & Support: We provide lots of training and support to your staff via phone, email, skype or in person. Click here to learn more about our fundraising training offers.