What We Do

We help Christian charities to find, win and keep the right kind of donors so they can raise more money and build stronger relationships with their supporters.


We offer a special blend of expertise, insights and ‘hands-on’ practical help that can enable Christian charities like yours to:

  • Fulfil your charity’s vision by implementing robust fundraising and marketing plans and activities;
  • Expand your charity’s support base by acquiring new donors and retaining current supporters;
  • Increase the effectiveness of your appeals, fundraising asks in newsletters, regular giving and major donor programmes, legacy giving campaigns, trust fundraising, online giving and more;
  • Build stronger relationships with individuals, major donors, churches and business networks based on understanding how they give, what they think of your charity’s messages and what motivates them to support your work;
  • Increase your charity’s revenues through innovative fundraising initiatives and integrated multi-channel appeals.

Our Unique Approach

  • We know that Christian charities face a specific set of challenges. With our help you can turn these challenges into opportunities for growth;
  • We are experts in how and why Christian give – what motivates them, what puts them off, or what they expect from charities like yours;
  • We don’t promote the latest fundraising or marketing fads. We apply timeless Biblical principles and the best fundraising expertise to everything we do.

If you would like to find out more of how your charity might benefit from one or more of our consulting services please get in touch.