Charity Jobs


We specialise in offering integrated recruitment and candidate selection processes which ensure that your Christian charity doesn’t have to rely on a ‘hit and miss’ approach for selecting new fundraising, marketing or communications staff.


Using a high performance predictive model and rigorous interviews we help Christian charities to objectively measure whether a particular candidate meets the criteria. With the help of our evaluation forms, your recruiting team can accurately weigh the strengths and weaknesses of different prospects and the necessary trade-offs, thus minimising the risk inherent in employment decisions.

Our experience of working with Christian charities and our understanding of their unique cultural and fundraising challenges makes us one the best recruiters within this sector.

What We Offer

  • Understanding your needs and shaping up job descriptions. During this stage we do a through job analysis, evaluating the areas for which the position holder is accountable, defining key results expected in each area, identifying the general and specialised knowledge needed to achieve success, etc.

Key outcomes of this process are: well-tailored job description and person specification documents and clear expectations about the prospects and their future performance.

  • Advertising in the charity sector. We assist our clients in crafting job adverts and help them to advertise in the right places in the Christian and wider charity sector. Sometimes, we serve as an independent point of contact for prospects managing the recruitment process on behalf of our clients.
  • Executive searches in the UK and USA. We help to recruit qualified individuals for senior fundraising and marketing roles. Using our extensive network in the Christian sector in the UK and USA we can help to bring experienced senior leaders and fundraisers to world changing charities.
  • Selecting the best candidate for the job. Because we understand what’s needed for the successful implementation of a fundraising plan we offer field-tested interviewing techniques, case studies and fundraising tests that can help you distinguish between good and poor quality candidates.

Also, we provide guidance on opening, conducting and closing preliminary or second stage interviews, so that you get the information and insights you need from prospects.

In addition to this, we can provide a large selection of behaviourally based questions covering a wide range of areas that can help you decide a prospect’s overall job and organisational culture fit.

Call us on: 0777 558 2696 or email us for a free discussion on how we can help your charity recruit new fundraising or marketing staff.

Why Choose Us

We’re biased, but we think there are lots of good reasons to work with us:

  • Kinship: We share your values and your passion for effective ministry and service because we are Christians too. And, we understand the motivations and attitudes of Christian donors you are engaging with.
  • Value: Our services are not driven by profit. We know that charities sometimes pay a hefty price for doing important things on the cheap or by paying too much. That’s why we price our services fairly and focus on providing value for money.
  • ROI: Our clients see tangible results within weeks or months of working with us. To find out for yourself what they say about us visit our Clients page.
  • Training & Support: We provide lots of training and support to your staff via phone, email, skype or in person. Click here to learn more about our fundraising training offers.