Lessons in generosity from ‘the humble’ courgette

1st May 2016

The kitchen table in one of my charity client’s offices becomes a supermarket every summer as various staff members…

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What fundraisers can learn from John Doerr

13th April 2016

In an article in the Harvard Business Review titled The Best Entrepreneurs Are Missionaries, Not Mercenaries, Bill Taylor, the author…

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How to get new donors to make a second gift?

28th March 2016

Our Fundraising Fitness Test often shows that a typical charity loses over 60% of their first time donors acquired…

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Of fuchsias, weeds and effective fundraising

26th February 2016

Do you like gardening? – I know this might sound like an odd question to ask a fundraiser but,…

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One thank you too far …

30th January 2016

Recently I received thank you letters by two charities I don’t support. Amazing! – I haven’t given them a…

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Why donor reactivation matters?

24th January 2016

It matters because it is easier (and cheaper) to encourage a past donor to give again than to get…

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How to write great appeals

16th January 2016

Why do you think donors respond to your fundraising appeals? They respond because they feel a personal connection with your…

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What can you do with your charity’s ‘inbetweeners’?

1st May 2015

This blog post is not about the TV series by the way. In the context of this discussion –…

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