Looking for hidden opportunities in fundraising

2nd June 2020

In one of his recent blog posts Drayton Bird, one of my favourite marketing experts, spelled out a simple truth: ‘Those who find a hidden opportunity in this doom and gloom are the only ones who will thrive.’

And, he went on to urge his readers to look for the hidden business opportunity and seize it.

This got me thinking: what about our sector?

What hidden opportunities are there that you can seize to thrive in these critical times?

There is a lot of talk in our sector about ‘fundraising in the new normal,’ ‘doing things differently,’ ‘doing more with less,’ and so on but what about fundraising in the now.

What hidden opportunities have you identified in these last months?

What plans are you putting in place for seizing these opportunities and for raising more money for your cause?

You might be reading this thinking – ‘ah, but we do things the way we do them because our charity is different, our donors are different ….’

This kind of thinking and doing what you have always done – sending out an appeal here and there, an email update, or a prayer diary, might seriously hinder your chances of weathering the pandemic and thriving in the future.

So, take a few minutes today to think about hidden opportunities.

Think of something you can do that you have not done before, map out a simple plan, and go for it.

Maybe you can pluck up the courage to call some of your major donors and get to know them better? – If you need some advice on how to do this – drop me a line and we can explore how I can help you.

Or, refresh the look, the tone, and content of your email updates?

Drill into your database to identify donors who are likely to respond and mail them? – If you need some help with this – we can run a Fundraising Fitness Test on your database.

Set up some Zoom chats with key donors and volunteers to brainstorm new ideas for engaging more supporters with your cause?  

Put your thinking cap on – pray too that God will show you a hidden opportunity and then focus on seizing it the best you can.

The time is now. Tomorrow may be too late.

Redina Kolaneci, Christian Fundraising Consultancy, June 2020