Looking for hidden opportunities in fundraising

2nd June 2020

In one of his recent blog posts Drayton Bird, one of my favourite marketing experts, spelled out a simple truth:…

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Fundraising metrics you need for navigating the COVID-19 storm

13th May 2020

A fundraiser without good data at his or her fingertips is like a ship without a rudder. And, right…

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Fundraising in the time of COVID-19: Seven things a Christian fundraiser can do in the next 30 days!

14th April 2020

Right now, you are working from home all the time. Perhaps, you put your Easter fundraising appeal aside and…

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Six Barriers to Successful Fundraising Appeals

27th February 2020

If you want to increase the effectiveness of your charity’s fundraising appeals make sure that you remove these barriers…

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What questions are major donors asking before making a significant gift to a charity?

17th June 2019

Recently I did some in-depth interviews with a small group of major donors who give generously to various charitable…

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How to get the church to pray for your work?

28th January 2019

Last Sunday I visited a large Charismatic church in my town. Everything was going great. The worship was good,…

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How Much Should You Ask For? – Three Steps for Deciding Major Gift Levels

14th October 2018

If you are seeking to develop a major gifts programme from scratch here are three simple steps you can…

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Major Donor Relationships: How to make a perfect match?

9th June 2018

I once read that ‘major donor relationships are like marriages’ –  so, when they are founded on mutual respect and…

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